With Foodtour
Complete the procedures related to the trip, organize tours according to the program agreed.

Buy travel insurance for Party B, the conditions for compensation insurance companies and the specific compensation will be based on the provisions of the insurance company and the relevant legal documents.

Party A is not responsible for any losses or expenses incurred by Party B delays, changes or discontinuance of program, or use of additional services outside the program.

Party A is not liable for damages caused by the delay of the public transport as well as the loss or damage of luggage of Party B during the trip.

With Customer
Provide full, accurate information and necessary documents (such as ID, passport) before departure date ....... Party B will bear all costs incurred if not fulfilling obligations to provide this information.

To fulfill the obligation to pay in full and on time as stipulated in the contract. In case of not paying in time, Party B will cancel the trip.

Do not split the delegation without the consent of the leader of Party A. Comply with the regulations on personal safety. Preserving your luggage and personal belongings. Bring your identification to show when necessary.

Comply with the laws of the State of Vietnam (and host countries if traveling abroad). Perform well the rules of the delegation, the rules of the hotel, attractions and transport.

To be responsible for compensating for all losses caused by their faults and penalties for violations