Foodtour will inform the delegation before departure 02 - 03 days to provide you with necessary travel information, phone number and name of tour guide.

When touring, you will be required to produce invoices or e-tour tickets (which are the information and itinerary of you for the trip shown on a page that you can print out. OK). You need to print this e-tour ticket and bring it along the way, as a proof that you have paid for the trip.

Guests must bring ID card and passport when traveling in the country or tour abroad. For foreign passport holders must carry a visa to enter Vietnam.

Children aged 14 and above must bring ID card or passport. Children under 14 years old must carry a birth certificate or passport. In the absence of accompanying parents must have a parental authorization letter and certified by the local government. All accompanying documents must be original.

Guests arriving at the airport 2 hours prior to departure depart for an airplane departure, 30 minutes for a train departure and 15 minutes for departure. High season according to the time specified by the airline and carriers.
Arrive late for flight, train, car departure or cancellation without prior notice for any reason, apply as "cancel the tour within 48 hours prior to departure".

Luggage should be lightweight, suitcase is not too cumbersome and must preserve luggage, money, jewelry during travel.